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New Socks

Do you know what one of my favorite simple pleasures in life is? Putting on a brand new pair of socks.  When socks are brand new they are extremely soft, thick, and just all around cozy.  A week or so ago I ordered a package of new socks (on Amazon... another new favorite simple pleasure… Continue reading New Socks

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All You Need is Faith and Trust, Plus a Little Baby Dust – Baby Shower Edition

It's a long title, but it sums up (with a Disney touch) the many emotions of this past week.  I suppose it sums up specific feelings that have been present several of the last years. Baby Showers. As a member of the female population, once you reach about 16 years old, you begin to become… Continue reading All You Need is Faith and Trust, Plus a Little Baby Dust – Baby Shower Edition

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What Does This Mean?

Those four words are both common and scary to many LCMS Lutherans (especially those who attended St. John's Lutheran in Racine during their 8th grade year).  They commonly occur in Luther's Small Catechism before good 'ol would Marty would describe in great detail the Ten Commandments, Creeds, Lord's Prayer, (etc.).   Those who attended St. John's… Continue reading What Does This Mean?

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(All together now... to the tune of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof...) TransiTIONs, TransItions!  TRANSITIONS!  TransiTIONs, TransItions.  TRANSITIONS! The word of the week.  Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. I'm 11w5d as I type this blog post, and I can say with certainty that this week has been a transitional week for me in many different… Continue reading Transitions