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Promises and Pictures

Today was one of the most odd days of "Spring weather" I've experienced in a long time.  I woke up early (5:20am) and was surprised when I took Georgie outside for "Morning Potty," that it was a comfortable 65 degrees with little to no breeze.  An hour later I'm getting ready and hear what sounds… Continue reading Promises and Pictures

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First World Problems

Just as each "Spring Break" in my life has been unique for various reasons (travel-related or otherwise) SB 2018 has been one for the books.  While this year did not consist of travel to Disney, Mexico, Europe, or otherwise, various activities were thoughtfully planned for well in advance of the week off of work.  Having… Continue reading First World Problems

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Generations of Faith

To describe that I've been raised in a "Christian upbringing" probably goes without "saying."  My family attended church each week, my brother and I attended a Lutheran preschool,  grade school, high school (and college, for that matter).  However, given all of these "Christian actions" or choices made (initially) by my parents, there was one constant… Continue reading Generations of Faith

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All You Need is Faith and Trust, Plus a Little Baby Dust – Baby Shower Edition

It's a long title, but it sums up (with a Disney touch) the many emotions of this past week.  I suppose it sums up specific feelings that have been present several of the last years. Baby Showers. As a member of the female population, once you reach about 16 years old, you begin to become… Continue reading All You Need is Faith and Trust, Plus a Little Baby Dust – Baby Shower Edition