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Turn it ON!

Have you ever listened to the Broadway musical, Book of Mormon?  It’s one of my favorites.  While I wouldn’t recommend listening to it in the car with young children (as it was written by the creators of “South Park”), it’s witty lyrics along with catchy tunes are sure to delight adult audiences.

One of my favorite songs from this musical  is “Turn it Off.”  While the song itself humorously depicts how the character’s can and should simply “turn off” certain personal elements or bad childhood memories, I find myself in recent weeks thinking the phrase, “Turn it On” to the same bouncing tune.  (If you’d like to take a listen, here’s the song!  I highly recommend it as it will surely brighten your day.)

Turn. It. ON!

That’s what (finally) happens this week.

My dad’s electrodes in his brain… the whole crazy “system” gets “turned on” this week Thursday.  We are no longer counting months.  No longer counting weeks.  Not even days.  We are down to HOURS.  This whole incredible surgical journey that my family has been on leads up to this big moment on Thursday afternoon.  GAH!

I was over at my parents house this morning with Ben and my dad was not in the best of emotional places.  Understandably so.  There is a lot riding on this week, and he was under the impression that because he is now feeling some discomfort in his head/neck (where the wire and transmitter are) that when he gets to Thursday things won’t actually work once officially “turned on.”

I mean, can you blame him?  Look at how much that wire sticks out in his head! (And always has… no change visually).  Of course it would cause some irritation.  And I’m no doctor, but I assume that just because he may be feeling it more now doesn’t necessarily mean something has dislodged… ?  On the bright side, look at that hair coming back!

Now, he may be correct… but I doubt it.  The odds of something becoming dislodged are so slim (…like a good daughter, I’ve been Googling away!).  But can you blame him?  As my mom stated at one time or another, “…it’s like you are at the end of a really long marathon….”  (That’s dumb… all marathons are the same length… but I digress)  “…you are just plain tired and anxious for it to be over.”  The stress on his body after all the work involved is really coming to a head.  His emotions are getting the better of him.  If I were him, I’d feel the same way.

All this marathon talk got me thinking, though.  You know what’s at the end of marathon?  PEOPLE!  Often cheering and helping along the athletes through the end of their incredible physical journey.

My dad’s birthday is on Wednesday.  One day before we “Turn it On.”  While my dad is not on Facebook much as of late (kind of hard to type/scroll when your hands don’t even work to feed yourself), my mom is.  And any and all kind messages, prayers, and words of encouragement can be shared through her.  Heck!  She could use them, too!

Please continue to pray for our family.  Reach out and help my dad get to the end of his marathon.  This is a big week!  Let’s TURN. IT. ON!

“Turn it on, turn it on, like a light switch on a coooooord… now he doesn’t shake anymore!”

Greatly looking forward to a picture with Ben that includes a smile on my dad’s face, and a hand not blurred from essential tremor.

Strength for Today!


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