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Morning By Morning – Benjamin’s Baptism


“Morning by morning new mercies I see…”

… Today a new favorite line stands out from the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness;” from which this blog was originally inspired over a year ago.

This morning I recall the many “mercies” (or blessings) of yesterday evening.  Really all day, yesterday.  Family members brought over supplies (or just in general stayed to watch Ben as we cleaned/cut the grass/etc) for the after party.   They texted asking what they could bring to help.  Our village is strong.  But it didn’t just end there.

I was blessed by my church family to have the Jubilate ensemble (a contemporary youth choral group that my friend Abby and I have lead for the past five-ish years) join in the service.  Furthermore I was blessed to have my “theatre family” sing and play the most beautiful rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” that the world has ever heard.  If you weren’t there yourself, check this out below.  (Thanks, Abby, for recording this for me.)  Actually, even if you were… you should watch it again.  And again…

I was blessed to have my cousin Alison (and Abby, as noted above) take pictures/videos of the day because this normally-picture-crazy-momma could NOT focus on photos for one second with everything else running through my head.

Speaking of “head,” we were blessed to have my dad (who had brain surgery just four days earlier) not only present at the service, but able to walk up the steps to take communion without assistance from a cane, walker, or wheelchair.  Praise GOD!

We were blessed by all who came to support Benjamin’s baptism.  Family and friends alike.  We are blessed that he is now officially a member of our church body, and that the Holy Spirit is now further living in his heart, strengthening his own faith for the rest of his life.

Baptism shot taken from the balcony.  Pastor David Gehne, Mommy, Daddy, Benny, and Godparents Matt and Amanda Patzke.

There was a time I could not stay in church while others’ children were being baptized.  I was bitter and angry at God.  But last night, I stood and watched my husband hold our

No caption needed

very own Benny as he was baptized.  If one cannot see the message of faithfulness and “mercies” shining through this blog… well, stop reading this blog.  Ha!

Yes, we forgot the diaper bag at home (thankfully there were no issues).  Yes, we forgot to put the beverages in coolers.  No, George was not particularly pleased with the 35 additional people at his house last night (especially after his hard week of surgery and cone of shame).  But our Benny is here.  Our Benny is “officially” a Child of God (he was before his baptism as well, of course… but I digress).

“…All I have needed Thy hand hath provided…”

This morning I look back on the many mercies and blessings of last night and smile, knowing full well that not all of life is a “high” of this nature.  But when the “lows” come again (and they will) I will look back at this time and remember the mercies are always present.  When waiting for a specific “mercy,” I will stay faithful to a God who is faithful to his children.

…Always looking for the mercies of each morning.

This cake was TO DIE FOR!


Gotta have a Lucy and Baby Ben picture.  I just love how much this little girl loves our Baby Ben!
Bob Benson.  He sings, He sews… He makes perfectly themed nursery decor.  This among the many other beautiful gifts and cards just further supports how strong our “village” truly is.  Always look for the mercies.  They are all around you.

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