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The Last Week of School

Nothing poetic – just an “update blog” of sorts.  What a week!

It’s crazy to think that less than a week ago I was getting ready for a shower with some fantastic Racine Theatre Guild friends – school was still in session, I was feeling good, and Georgie’s “poops” were “looking up.”  Oh how things can change in a mere seven days!

On Sunday I began to feel a bit off.  I can’t describe what I mean by “off” exactly, but just not “me.”   Not comfortable (physically and/or emotionally).  Medically I’m sure I started some crazy hormone surge in addition to just feeling physically “too big for comfort.”  It’s okay.  I’ll feel better when he’s out.  Five weeks to go!

Monday George got sick.  AGAIN.  This is something I’ve been stressing about for two months now; fighting with the pet insurance company who feels that all things “GI”  are supposedly not something they need to cover (Wonderful!  Oh the stress of upcoming phone fights conversations!).  So, I call our vet, and she says “We’ve done all we can.  Now you need to see a GI specialist.”  

Cue the emotional break down.  My dog is so sick he needs to see a specialist.  Two rounds of “tries” with our normal vet didn’t work.  We pay a “crap ton” (See what I did there?) monthly for pet insurance that apparently isn’t going to cover this issue.  And I have less than 6 weeks to figure out what hasn’t been figured out in over 8 weeks.  What if I can’t?  What if Georgie’s problems are not figured out in time for the baby to come?  I am the one who does the “taking care” of him.  Joe plays with him/does “late night potty,” and I take care of him.  That was the deal.  I mean, I wanted needed a dog.   It is up to me to figure this out.  And with Joe’s new job (which is absolutely a blessing, don’t get me wrong) taking over his life, right now it’s hard for me to think positively about how the upcoming stress of being a dad AND working out George’s problems would be on Joe should the problem NOT get worked out in time.    Maybe I’m way off here, but from what everyone tells me I’m pretty sure when the baby gets here I won’t have enough time or energy to give George all the attention he needs to figure out his GI problems.  Certainly not the amount of time/energy I’m giving him now.  What then?  How will he ever get back to normal?  What if it’s a really big problem and …. No.  Not going to go there.

So stress.  That and the school year ending (you know, normal “end of the year stress” plus setting up/finalizing 12 weeks of maternity plans, a school district tech refresh that takes away my beloved Macbook and leaves me with an icky HP that I’ll have to figure out for my long term maternity sub…).

All the stress.  All leading to Tuesday.  I’m still not feeling good.  And now not feeling good and not sleeping.  And feeling contractions.  Contractions that seem to get more frequent.  Stress over why I’m feeling increased contractions at only 34 weeks… Kind of felt like an endless downward cycle that I could not find a way to climb out of!

Thankfully, I have amazing co-workers.   Not only did they notice I wasn’t quite myself at lunch on Tuesday, but they convinced me (after some tears were shed) that it was indeed “okay” for me to go into the hospital “just to be sure something wasn’t wrong.”  Furthermore, one of them who recently had her babies even drove me to the L&D Floor (where I’d never been) and stayed with me the entire time.  (It should be noted that I told Joe what was happening, but adamantly told him NOT to come.   And I’m not one of those people who tells someone “no” meaning “yes.”  No “husband points” were lost as a result of this experience.  Instead, my friend and I probably looked like a great lesbian IVF couple – Not that there’s anything wrong with that – which brought some humor to the already clearly stressful situation.)

**  Side thought *** Maybe I should re-title this blog “Fantastic Friends.”  Between the RTG shower last Saturday and my co-workers on Tuesday, I’m really quite blessed in the “friends” department.

So Tuesday I got to see the Labor and Delivery Floor! Luckily for me, I was literally the only patient there.  I was escorted to a room and shortly hooked up to a machine for a nonstress test.  Nonstress-Test-722x406.jpgLong story short, everything was fine.  Contractions stopped, blood pressure went down, and I got to hear some pretty cool sounds from the fetal heart rate monitor on the fancy stress test machine.  (It was so cool.  I mean, listening to Baby Seags heart rate is cool all on it’s own, but what was even more cool was hearing him move.  I don’t know quite how this all works, but whatever technology is used to amplify the fetal heart rate sound also amplified all sounds anytime our Baby Boy moved around.  The combination of feeling him move while hearing him move was easily the highlight of this stressful day.)

Drink more water, Megan.  Breath.  Relax.

Fast Forward to today, Friday.

I had my 34 week appointment with Dr. Pae (even though I was technically 34w4d.  Technicalities.)  As usual, it was fast and uneventful.  (Apparently NEXT week’s appointment begins the more “eventful” checks.  Goodie!)  However, during the traditional ultrasound, Baby Seags was (you guessed it) still in the SAME BREECH POSITION as he has been since week 20.   35384508_10156453266846639_6635017829940723712_n.jpgSo we scheduled the C-Section!  Tuesday, July 17th is officially our day, or his Birthday.  Of course, if baby decides to flip before that date, the C-section will be canceled.  I’m not holding my breath.  He seems pretty content/comfortable resting his head into my right lung.  Oi!

Although the appointment today was quick, there were some humorous moments I want to note in order to remember when I look back at this blog years down the road.  Dr. Pae asked me to ask him my questions regarding the C-Section process.  I specifically wrote that previous line the way I did because he did not ask, “Do you have any questions about the C-Section,” but very much stated, “What are your C-Section questions?”  I kind of sat there dumbfounded.  I mean, I’ve talked at length about C-Sections with my co-worker who recently had a C-Section (with Dr. Pae!) three months ago, my sister-in-law was a L&D nurse in that exact unit until recently, I’ve read C-Sections blogs online, watched at least 25 C-Section videos on Youtube… I didn’t really have any questions.  So I asked something really stupid:

“Can I have the C-Section early?”



In my head:  “Oh my gosh!  He thinks I want a C-Section earlier than 39 weeks!”

“Oh no!  I meant can I have it right away in the morning.  I know you do them here at 7:30am and noon.  I’d really prefer to not wait around at home freaking out the day of.”  (And I’d also like to be able to eat the night before, go to bed, and just wake up and get it done). 

“Oh.  Sure.  Any other questions?”

I had none.  Literally none.

“Okay, well I’ll see you next week.  You can bring me more C-Section questions then.”


I love Dr. Pae.  Such a kind and funny man.  Instead of watching C-Sections online or reading blog stories, I’ll be Googling “Good C-Section questions to ask your doctor” for next week’s appointment.

Hey!  Maybe I’ll come up with five really good ones, and Baby Seags will flip before I even get to ask them!  Here’s hoping!




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