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26 Week Potpourri

I recently participated in a study at Carthage College related to pregnant women and their sense of smell (and got paid a WHOPPING $20 after my two hours of “sniff and tell.“)  One of the many tasks involved my smelling a scent, followed by my counting backwards from 280 by 2s for a total of 30 seconds before being presented a second scent.  Once the 30 seconds had passed, I was to inform the student testing me if the second scent was the same as the original scent, or a different scent all together.

Except not mine… These tests were HARD!

(For the record, this was really HARD).   At the very end of this experiment (which was long… I mean I did this over 50 times!), I was asked if I gave a name to any of the nine total smells used in the experiment.  I was surprised when asked this question, because I had given names to all of the smells in my head as the trails went on and on.  Along with the less pleasing titles, “Stinky Banana Smell” and “Basketball Body Odor,” one of the names I gave a pleasant smell was “Milaegers Potpourri.”  (**I was later told that this particular smell was actually, “Cloves,” which may or may not be in Potpourri?  I don’t know.  All I know was this smell transported me back to my childhood days of running around Milaeger’s when my Dad used to work there.  And I always assumed that smell was from the potpourri in the home decor department?  But I digress…).

This last week (plus) has been a Potpourri of events and emotions.  A newborn photographer has officially been selected (you guys… she even focuses on getting great newborn shots with family PETS!  EEEK!), saw Baby Seags at my 26 week appointment, rehearsed for a concert I’ll be in tomorrow afternoon with amazingly talented friends, and today we began to not only paint the nursery, but also interviewed a potential daycare option.  I mean, so much has been going on!

My 26 week appointment with Dr. Pae went mostly well.  I did have to do the dreaded glucose screening (which was super nasty and gave me one heck of a headache), orange-drink but my blood work did give me a passing “score” the first (and only) time it was drawn.  I’ll take it!  Dr. Pae did indicate that Baby Seags was currently sitting in the “breech” position, instead of head down or the transverse position, as is medically more preferable,  but he said baby still has lots of time to correct this and will likely do this on his own.  In the meantime, I’m happily enjoying the daily-stronger-kicks to my bladder as I guess I’d prefer to run to the bathroom with greater frequency than be jabbed in the diaphragm/lungs.

While we are on the subject, let’s talk about kicks.

Typically, I feel kicks all day long.  I mean, sure, sometimes more often than other times (9:30pm at night being one of those “clockwork” karate times) but in general I feel him readjusting at least a handful of times every hour I’m awake.  However, something CRAZY happened this week Monday.   I was at rehearsal for the concert series I’m in at the Racine Theatre Guild tomorrow at my good friend (and director) Rob’s house.   There had to have been nearly 20 of us in Rob’s living room (which recently underwent a remodel of the – “goodbye carpet” and “hello wood floors” nature) singing our hearts out to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s many great company numbers.  My heart was filled with joy as the chords made by such a talented group of musicians permeated the tightly-packed, now-more-acoustically-dynamic room.

And the little boy inside me either jumped for joy, or jumped out of sheer shock.  And Would. Not. Stop.


In turn, each, “OOOOOOOOOOOO-Klahoma” gave me such a potpourri of emotions.

“Man this group is vocally solid.”

“Oh my gosh, this kid has never moved so strongly and often in my entire pregnancy.” 

“I really hope I don’t pee all over Rob’s new floors.” (At least it’s not carpet?  Okay, this last one is joke… I swear I don’t need diapers, people!)

It was thrilling to feel my little man jumping for one reason or another at something so personally enjoyable for me.  Vocal Music.  I’m preferring to go with the “He is going to be a future musician, and he loved all the “blasting” choral music surrounding him” frame of mind on this one, vs. the “Terrified.  What’s that noise?  Mama leave THIS PLACE RIGHT NOW!” frame of mind.   If nothing else, I’m now quite certain he will pass his newborn hearing exam in the months to come.

A potpourri of emotions and events.

This concert will likely be the last time I will be on stage for quite some time.  Tomorrow will be the last time I’ll be on stage for quite some time.  That fact just seems so crazy to me, because nothing has really stopped my involvement in theatre and/or musical ensembles since I first began performing as a… gosh…8 year old?  But I’m ready.  I’m actually a little excited for everything else to have to “stop” for a bit.  I’ve waited for so long for this and now it’s so close I can FEEL it (literally).   And I know I’ll be back out there again before I know it.

In my last blog I was freaking out about the nursery and all the tasks we needed to get done before Baby Seags makes his debut.  It’s amazing what an impact simply buying the paint and starting the process of painting has done to my anxieties about the timeline.  All of a sudden I feel “on time” again.   I feel blessed to be at this point (the, “working on a nursery point,” that is.).  Truth be told, I’d be lying if I didn’t also say I feel nervous to be at this point.  I’ve still got a bit of that odd superstitious feeling of,  “Don’t paint until just before because maybe this pregnancy won’t work out,” or “Maybe you shouldn’t have picked blue for the walls because once you stick it on there something terrible might happen and that boy will be gone.  Then every time you see the blue you will remember and it will kill you.  Should have gone with yellow or gray, you idiot!  Those can be ‘normal room colors’ if this room doesn’t end up a nursery.”   

Potpourri of emotions.  A potpourri of events.  And tomorrow (by at least one pregnancy calculation) I’ll enter the third and FINAL trimester of this pregnancy.

What a blessing the last week (as well as those previous) has been.  Things are falling into place.  Baby Seags is looking healthy and my body is handling this pregnancy in the way God intended it to.  I get to celebrate the start of my third trimester with not only an activity that I love, but also with people that I love.  AND!  The weather is finally getting it’s act together!

On to the third trimester we go!  Bright hope for tomorrow!

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