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Weekend of Blossoms

It’s been a busy weekend filled with a hodgepodge of activities, surprises, and emotions. “Hodgepodge” might be a better title for this blog, as I’m anticipating it will be rather disjointed in nature.  However, given the level of importance of all of these events in my head (and therefore my desire to document them so they won’t be forgotten), disjointed or not, I’m writing them all together in one place.

But First!  This is my writing situation tonight, and I love it.  (See, told you.  Disjointed)


The First Story took place on Thursday evening.  Joe was working late, so it was just me and Georgie home after a long day of work/after-school therapy (for me) and running around for nearly 11 hours at The Woof (for Georgie).   Now, I love sending Georgie to The Woof for many reasons, but my favorite reason is how tired (and therefore SNUGGLEY) he is after he gets home.   Normally, when Georgie is this tired he will curl up in a ball right next to me on the couch and stay there all night long.  Not “next to me” a foot down the couch, but “next to me” leaning his body weight up against my side.  Love.  Love.  Love.  I mean, we do get our “daily snuggle time” even on non-Woof days, but as a comparison, normal snuggles last only five minutes tops before he is off to grab a toy, or bark at a passing car or person walking down the street.

I noticed a change in our snuggle pattern earlier this week.  Instead of “in a ball next to me” George transitioned to more of a combination of “next to and on top of me.”  EVEN BETTER!  There’s nothing I love more than snuggling close with my pup.  It didn’t really surprise me that he changed his “cuddle position of choice.”   It’s happened before.  He’s a growing boy.  Maybe this position is more comfortable now?  Well anyway, back to Thursday night.

Thursday night – just me and G-Man – on the couch after a long day.  His head over my upper leg and resting right next to my 21-and-a-half-week baby bump.   See Below:

Our new favorite cuddle position

And that’s when it happened.  Baby Seags woke up and was super wiggly.  I thought to myself, “How did I get so lucky?!  My two favorite little guys are loving on me so hard right now.”  But my “luck” only improved.  Baby wiggled.  George readjusted.  Baby kicked.  George tipped his head.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat for another couple of minutes.

Now, Georgie might have just been changing up his new laying position, but after that experience on Thursday night,  I’m sticking with the mindset that Georgie is aware of his new little brother.  Or at least aware enough of something different with his momma.  Oh my heart.  Oh.  My.  Heart!

Next Story:  Nursery

So this weekend the “Nursery Work” was officially started!  Our electrician came Friday and installed overhead lighting units into the two downstairs bedrooms.  Saturday morning, Joe and I (okay, mostly Joe) removed the icky old mid-wall trim from the “to-be-nursery” bedroom walls.  By Sunday we had been to two different paint departments and put some different color combinations on the wall.  There’s certainly many emotions running through my mind within this process.  Anxiety (Will I pick the right colors?  Will this look alright? Will everything get done in time?), Excitement ( Um… no need to describe why), and Thankfulness (again… self-explanatory).

Early morning trim removal
Which blue?  We need a new “white.”  How did that “tan” end up so brown?  Thankful for confusing “problems” such a “which paint should I pick?”

Final Story, and perhaps most surprising… the blossoms.


For those of you that have been following since “the early blogs,” you’ll recall that Joe and I planted over 200 bulbs last fall (in a hurry!) the night before our Fresh IVF transfer. (For those that don’t remember, here’s the blog posting:   It was emotional that evening to finally plant all of those many bulbs (after multiple previous attempts due to mistakes made by our landscaping company).  It was exciting, while a bit rushed.   More importantly, it was NOT hard to see the symbolism in the activity (planting bulbs) that was “finally” happening.  I remember thinking:

All the prep work is done now.  Will these bulbs take?

Will they flourish and grow into full and healthy blooms?

Will there be another hiccup in our plans?


Will there be a growing baby in our lives by the time the (potential) first blooms begin to sprout?

The promise of Spring; the promise of life has begun to sprout outside my front door.  Full bloom?  No.  Not yet.  But the visible signs of life are all around (and in) me.  It was a surprise (earlier than expected).  It was emotional.  And it’s exciting.

Not a great picture, but all I’ve got right now.  Looking more like “pregnant” and less like “fat” each day!

Bring on those blooms!  Grow baby grow!  Strength for Today!




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