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The Perfect BabyMoon

Have you ever heard of that term before?  Babymoon? Before this pregnancy I never had.  According to “Google” a  babymoon is “…a newly coined term for a period of time both parents take to relax and spend quality time together before the baby is born.”  AKA – one last pre-baby vacation.

Relax?  Not really our thing per-say.  I mean, yes, we both enjoy sitting on the couch at the end of a long work day and just vegging with Georgie and some Modern Family, but in terms of vacation, we both prefer to be out and about rather than just sitting by the pool all day long.  (To be fair, Joe is more “anti pool” than I am… but I digress).

So off to Disney we went!  We “relaxed” and “spent time together” in our own hustle and bustle sort of way, often using the term “divide and conquer.”  You see at Disney World, (or on vacation in general, I guess) when you know the “ins and outs” of all the of transportation systems, geography, etc., you really can get a LOT done in just one day.  Three parks in one day was our challenge.  This made it exciting, and adventurous, and for us “relaxing.”  And, March 2nd was very likely the last time we would be moving THIS quickly through three parks in one day – at least for the next 15 years or so.

We started off our day hoping a bus from the Boardwalk Resort to Animal Kingdom.  Fate was on our side, as this was actually our one and only “wait” time for transportation over the entire day (and let me tell you, we took two busses, one boat, and two monorails total, so that’s pretty insane!!   We quite literally walked on all the rest without a wait).  Furthermore, the wait for our first bus was a total of eight minutes.  The bus came, and off to Pandora we went!  Let the “Disney Babymoon Day” begin!

Pandora was great.  We “divided and conquered” to get into the park as quickly as possible (one of us being an annual pass holder, having a bag to go through security with, needing to go to the bathroom, etc – with only two able-bodied adults, it’s easy to work this out for speed purposes) and met at our pre-designated location to head into Pandora.  It was pretty impressive.  The floating rocks, noises, smells… Disney always does a great job of brining you “into” the world they created.  We waited in line for an hour for the Na’vi River Journey (boat ride), which was enjoyable, but then decided against the Avatar Flight of Passage ride, which had a standby wait time of 180 minutes (and only Joe anyway could ride due to “pregnancy”).  No-THANKS!  28642694_10156173017171639_1734239863_o.jpg

After Pandora, we boarded a bus to the Polynesian Resort for a little lunch (and a Dole Whip Float) before heading over to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours of childhood fantasy and fun.

Now, I love all the parks, but the more I go to Disney as an adult, I realize my favorite part of being at Disney is the resorts.  Not so much maybe just the “resort” or “resorts” themselves, but the fact that you can so easily leave one area (or Park for that matter)  that feels so “1920s Boardwalk” and 10 minutes later feel transported to “Hawaii,” or “the African Savanah.”  So, we walked around the Polynesian Resort, lunched at Capt. Cook’s (a meal always complete with Donald and Daisy at your toes), and waited for Pineapple Lanai to open for the day (noon) for my favorite Disney treat.

See!  Told ya! Donald and Daisy are always there to help you eat your lunch at Capt. Cook’s!
Enjoying the view from the sandy beach at the Polynesian after lunch
“Relaxing” and “spending some quality time”

With Dole Whip in hand, we noticed the boat was pulling up to the Polynesian dock, so we decided to take that mode of transport into the Magic Kingdom instead of the monorail.  I began to feel emotional as we exited the boat and headed into the Magic Kingdom (divide and conquer Style, of course).  Now I know it’s just a theme park, but it’s a theme park I grew up going to.  A place where excitement, joy, and adventure always occurred once through those “gates.”  So many happy memories were made there with my mom, dad, brother, and cousins over the years.  As I grew older, it became a place I would make “wishes,” of a sort.  I mean, Disney World is founded on “wishes” and the promise of, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Now, I didn’t go immortalizing “Mickey Mouse” as though he were “God.”  It’s not the “mouse” so much as the setting itself.  You know how people say they feel close to God in nature, so they go camping?  Well I’m the weirdo who feels close to God in the place that always meant “family.”   In fact, I made it a point from a relatively young age to say a special prayer during the times I felt most inspired – often during the fireworks in front of Cinderella Castle.   When beautiful music filled the crowd, not as if it came from a speaker, but as though it was surrounding you from all sides, as perfectly timed fireworks lit up the sky.  That’s when I’d pray.

“Thank-you for this beauty I am experiencing.”

“Thank-you for providing humanity with the talents and abilities to make this beauty happen.”

(*If my husband the “engineer” were reading over my shoulder as I typed, he would say, “You’re welcome.  An engineer did that!”*)

“Thank-you for the creative minds who write beautiful music.”

“Thank-you for my family.”

“Dear Lord, please let me find a boyfriend someday who will love me like my family does.”

“Deal Lord, thank-you for my husband.”

“Dear Lord, please let me be pregnant next time I see this firework show.”

“Dear Lord, please let me be pregnant next time I see this firework show.”

“Dear Lord, please let me be pregnant next time I see this firework show.”


… So walking into Magic Kingdom Park…. pregnant…. was emotional.

But I kept it together!

We quickly got to work finding our “Blue Balloon” for the picture, and met a lovely Disney Cast Member who was taking photos for guests in front of the castle.  We asked her if she would take our picture for the “gender reveal” and she excitedly said she would.   Not only did she take our “castle pictures” but (after a slight pause for a passing parade), she pulled us down a side street to take some additional photos where it was a bit more quiet.  Sadly, those pictures didn’t turn out AS well, but it was still fun (for me, at least) to have additional opportunities to get that “perfect” picture.

One of my favorite castle pictures
Joey waiting patiently for the parade to pass by, before pictures – round two!
One of our “off to the side” photos

Photos were taken, Facebook announcement was officially “made” and it was time to get back to being a “kid.”  We rode several rides before leaving MK for Epcot, our final stop of the day.

Now the goal was to find some sort of baby “shirt” or “onsie” from the Test Track gift shop (something both “Disney” and “car” related) but this unfortunately did not exist.  So, we shopped at “Mouse Gears” instead.

I mean… come ON! 

I refrained from spending too much and only bought one baby item.  My first ever purchase of ANYTHING for this baby.  While I’m not sure it’s the most PRACTICAL outfit, it sure would make a cute Halloween costume for our little man next October…

…And it’s Grandpa Patzke’s favorite Disney Character… how could you say “no” to that?!

We enjoyed the rest of our “magical day” hoping from country to country around Epcot’s World Showcase.  More music, beauty, food, and laughter filled our afternoon and evening before departing back to the house on Anna Maria Island.

Flowers along “Mexico” walking path
Listening to the beautiful sounds of The Voices of Liberty – at the American Pavilion.  

It was a day overflowing with laughter, joy, excitement, celebration, and thankfulness.  Reflecting on past Disney days, and looking ever forward to future ones yet to be made.

Strength for Today, and BRIGHT HOPE for Tomorrow.


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