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16w4d Update

It may have snowed enough for RUSD to call its first snow day in four years, but that didn’t stop us from heading to our 16 week appointment early this morning.  Thankfully, our all wheel drive/4 wheel drive (Joe, if you’re reading this, be proud of me.   I used the correct vehicular terminology!) vehicles got us safely to the hospital without trouble.

This appointment was very quick.  So quick, in fact that it kind of felt pointless from a medical standpoint.  I mean, I was pleased to see Baby Seager on the ultrasound with beating heart and all it’s same parts (gender was again confirmed to be the same as Peekaboo a couple of weeks back – phew!) but overall it was uneventful.  I got weighed, Dr. Pae asked if I had any questions, and then we got to see the baby on the ultrasound screen.   That was it!  Actually, I thought I was going to get yelled at because I actually lost two pounds from my previous appointment 4 weeks ago, but this fact was not even brought up.  (Maybe the doctor knew this was no big deal based on time of day of each appointment.  I mean, my last appointment four weeks ago was at 1:15pm right after I had eaten a HUGE burrito for lunch – sensing a cravings pattern?- while this appointment was at 7:45am.  I read somewhere that I should be gaining 0.8-1.0 pounds per week at this point.  Oh well!  If Dr. Pae doesn’t care, then I won’t either!  Or I’ll try not too… This whole “eating food” thing while pregnant is hard.  My tastes are all over the place!  You think something will taste good so you try it and NOPE!  And Qdoba is too far away from my house and too expensive for every meal).

Anyway, we did get two videos today!   Both are relatively short, but I feel like they are uniquely beautiful in their own ways.  Or maybe they are boring and I’m biased.  Anyway, take a look if you want!

This first video is kind of slow in the beginning.  Baby Seags doesn’t move too much, but you can see a great view of the spine.  The best part is really at the end when you can see Baby S. looking right at the screen.  Oh my heart!


This next video is short, but I may like it even more than the first for two reasons.  #1:  You can see very clearly the four chamber heart pumping away.  #2:  I love my mechanical-engineering-minded-husband’s commentary.  I know he can’t wait to share all of the science he knows with this little one.  This baby’s first word will likely be “torque” or “engine” or something akin to those terms given all the late night science talks I’m sure will occur beginning July 2018!   ***Side note: Both of Joe’s parents work(ed) in the medical field.  One of Joe’s earliest words was a medical term (ask Cindy or Barb for the story sometime… I can’t remember the word, but I know it’s a humorous one involving bodily functions!) so my hypothesis is likely not too far off.  As long as “mama” comes first, I don’t care what “car term” comes next.

I am blessed beyond belief for this beautiful day which the Lord has made.  A healthy little one growing inside me, and a happy six month old pup (who successfully continues to recover from the removal of his “boy bits” yesterday) that I get to give some extra lovin’ to today.  God’s timing is perfect, in so many ways.

Georgie yesterday after coming home.  Joe stayed home with him after his big boy procedure.  He said G-Man stayed in this position for almost 3.5 hours before really waking up.
Georgie did NOT like the plastic “cone of shame” that came home with him from the vet.  We put it on last night about 4:15pm for the first time and he either a) run into everything possible with it in the house, or b) would continually scoop snow into his face accidentally while outside.  Humorous?  Absolutely!   But hard to watch.  So Mama ran out and got him this fancy inflatable ring to try instead!
“Mom, are you sure we aren’t going swimming?”

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