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Boy or Girl?


Is this thing on?

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post… I hope I still remember how to do this!

As I type these words, I am happy to know that this blog post is my very first post in the second trimester of this pregnancy.  I’m 14w5d today.  (You know what is really annoying?  When you Google “When does the first trimester end?” and you get multiple results.  Anywhere from 12 weeks, to 13w4d to 14 weeks…).  With the first trimester being such a big milestone to skip leap over, those extra two weeks of “Am I through this yet or not?” really can annoy the poo out of one.  It certainly annoyed me!

But we made it.  Second Trimester.  Feeling much less tired, much less nauseous, and much less nervous about the risk of miscarriage.  The fears are not gone, but at least science and “percentages” are finally on our side.

Additionally, today we had our “My First Peekaboo Ultrasound” to find out if we are having a baby boy…. or a baby girl!

Now, as usual I was freaking out.  My original plan was to actually go to this appointment by myself (no Joe), find out the sex, and then surprise Joe in Disney World (March 2nd) with the gender of the baby.  When you do everything through IVF (and blog your way through the process) you look for any surprise you can get.  Any “Normal” pregnancy “fun” that could possibly exist.   Buuuuut ultrasounds have not always been our thing.  There was that one in November of 2016 where the heartbeat had ceased and the baby was no longer with us… not a fun “surprise” to say the least.   That in mind, I figured it might be better to include Joe in this appointment and avoid a potentially horrific surpriseconversation.

Only good surprises allowed. 

So we went to Peekaboo.

Good surprise #1:  Baby Seager is alive and well.  And very active! Check out the cute pictures below!

Good surprise #2:  Apparently these early ultrasounds are very accurate.  I mean, we got a 35 minute ultrasound (both the normal kind and the fancy 4D kind!)  It was extremely comforting to see Baby Seager with eyes, ears, nose, fingers… everything for what felt like as long as we wanted.  Baby even sucked it’s thumb for us several times.  (Baby get’s that from me… oh the future orthodontia bills!  Get ready, Joey!)

Alright…. here’s a couple pictures (we got like, 40 total… another plus of this day!):

Baby Seags is sucking it’s thumb – 2D ultrasound


Great foot shot, and a bit of a profile in this 4D (3D for the sake of the blog) image
An overall solid image of Baby Seager – two legs, one (clear) arm – don’t worry, we saw both at some point today! – and a profile of the face.
We got to see Baby Seags sucking it’s thumb in 4D action.  How fun!  #legohands
Girl or Boy, this little one will be a Karate star!  Check out that dual arm/leg punch!  (And cute button nose!)
One more thumb sucking picture.  You can actually see a bit more of the actual “sucking” happening here if you look at the cheek shading.

Good Surprise #3:  Baby Seager is a…..

Sorry… our lips are sealed…

… We will let you know March 2nd from the happiest place on Earth!

We gotta keep something a surprise! 



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