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What Does This Mean?

Those four words are both common and scary to many LCMS Lutherans (especially those who attended St. John’s Lutheran in Racine during their 8th grade year).  They commonly occur in Luther’s Small Catechism before good ‘ol would Marty would describe in great detail the Ten Commandments, Creeds, Lord’s Prayer, (etc.).   Those who attended St. John’s confirmation class were required to memorize ALL of these excerpts including the descriptions in order to be “quizzed” in front of the entire congregation the week before our confirmations would become official.


Talk about scary.

While I’m glad to have most of those passages still memorized for reflection purposes during life’s more challenging moments, what kept ringing in my head today was Luther’s commonly resounding question:

What does this mean?

We met with Dr. Pae and he was as wonderful as many of you following this blog had told me he would be.  Maybe even more so.  I was very pleased, while also being very nervous for the upcoming ultrasound that of course needs to be at the end of the appointment.  Finally, he brought out his somewhat-janky-looking-ultrasound-machine (I don’t mean to disrespect his machine… but compared to the machines down in Gurnee this thing looked ragged) and checked out Baby Seager.   For a somewhat-janky-little-machine, it did just fine.  Dr. Pae found Baby Seags right away, and then proceeded to ask Joe to get out this phone so we could video record a bit of “the dance!”  What a cool guy.  See below:

(Sidenote:  Baby measured only TWO DAYS behind this time!  I take it all back.  Love that janky machine of his!)


What does this mean?

  1. I’m cutting the tags off of my other pair of maternity jeans (the more expensive ones!)
  2. I’m booking our Florida flights.


“I fear and love God.” 


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