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Last year on November 14th, Joe and I went to the doctor for one of my first prenatal visits with our doctor.  I was 10w4d, but found out at that appointment (at the VERY END of the appointment) that I had a missed miscarriage somewhere between the eight and nine week mark of my pregnancy.  The very next day, we were scheduled for a D&C, and went home as a family of two instead of a family of three.

The past few weeks have been interesting for me.  Week eight, week nine, and now week ten (for reasons I would assume one could piece together given the above paragraph).  But today, at 10w3d we went down to Gurnee for our final ultrasound with the clinic.  It had been 9 days since our previous, most recent ultrasound, right before Christmas.

And we are still in this.

Because Dr. Sherbahn was out of town, we had Dr. Jones today.  Dr. Jones did my retrieval surgery and was very kind on that day, however, today I was not necessarily impressed with his bedside manner.  (I guess it’s a reason to be thankful for Dr. S?) I mean, he wasn’t TERRIBLE, but he did an extremely speedy ultrasound (checking only one plane), obtaining only two measurements (both of which measured behind at 9w4d) and generally just seemed as thought we were a bit of an inconvenience in his day.   He didn’t even print us a picture!

But I shouldn’t complain.  I saw my blob’s heart beating once more.  We saw it do a little dance (although of course it stopped right before the below, short, video), and it generally looked bigger and more human than our last visit.  Dr.  Jones made the comment that he could see all four chambers of the heart were developed (I couldn’t see that at all).  But all of that has got to be good, right?


(In the video below, the baby is upside down – head at the bottom.  The heart is beating in the top chest area, and you can see two little arms in between the chest and head.  Legs were not visible in this short video, but we DID SEE THEM after the video was taken – phew!  Legs are important!  And they looked pretty long too!  For the record… I only saw legs, if you know what I mean.  And I was looking.  😉 )


It feels good to be at this stage.  To be farther than we were last time.  I’m becoming much more confident, which is terrifying, but generally normal I would assume.  I thank God for this gift he has given us every night, and continue to pray for it’s overall emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical health.

I had blood work done two days ago in Racine.  Of course, the results are not back yet on MyChart, but I did happen to see the results from our previous Racine ultrasound 9 days ago.  Even though I was THERE the entire time, I decided to look over the report.  I was shocked to see that the Ultrasound tech noted, “A small subchorionic hemorrhage is present.”

I guess when you dig around for 10 minutes instead of a super quick “two measurement scan” you find out more (and get a better size/gestational age measurement!  I’m still REALLY annoyed about that “9w4d” thing if you can’t tell.  I’m sorry, but 9 days ago we measured 9w1d.  This is bologna!  And now it’s just something else to fret about at night between trips to the bathroom for the pleasantries of the first trimester.)

So what does that mean?  I don’t know.  Is it left over from the previous bleed I had around 7 weeks?  Will it mean I’ll have another day of “scary” in the future when that chunk of extra blood decides to make it’s way out of my body?  Will it just become re-absorbed and I’ll never see it?

It’s odd to me that the tech didn’t say anything to us, but felt it pertinent enough to write down in the formal note.  Maybe that means I shouldn’t worry at all.  Our next appointment is January 9th with Dr. Pae (finally!) and I’ll be sure to ask him about it if nothing crazy happens before now and then.

So bring on the new year.  I’m ready to bid 2017 adieu, as the children did in Sound of Music so many years ago…


…and will excitedly say “hello” and “welcome” to 2018.




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