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Leapin’ Lizards

Quick post.

I had my 8w3d ultrasound this morning in Gurnee.  This time my mom came with instead of Joe (I’m getting so many ultrasounds in the next several weeks… it only makes sense that we BOTH wouldn’t take off work for all these appointments).

Luckily for us (sorry Joey) the doctor was SUPER on time this time!  Actually, he was early.  We got in, had the scan, talked with him for a bit, got blood work done, and left within 9 minutes of our actual appointment time. SCORE!

This was a good appointment.  For the first time in my life, I saw a fetus (Okay… all you technical people out there could argue it’s not a fetus yet as a “fetus” must be 8w0d and AS ALWAYS we are measuring behind at 7w6d – still embryo level, but I’M CALLING IT A FETUS, DARN IT!).  My fetus.  It’s heart was beating.  We could see limb buds.  And…. it MOVED!

It was a tiny little move…. but it totally moved.  And all three of us looking at the monitor saw it.

I’m crying as I type this out today.  I know we got farther than this last time, and things could still go south at any time.  But today I saw with my own eyes something I’ve never seen before in my body.  So Praise God.

I sent Joe the picture right away, and he commented, “Yay!  We are having a Lizard!  Where’s the penis?”  I’ll ignore that second part… but it does look like a lizard in this picture. 

Now get me to Tuesday of next week when we can see it again.  (This time in RACINE with Dr. Pae.  HURRAY  And before work so neither of us needs to take time off!  Double HURRAY! )

And then get me to Dec. 28th so we can see it AGAIN back down in Gurnee.

I’m happy.  Happy to be at this point.  Happy to be feeling sick everyday.  Happy to be looking forward to Gingerbread houses tomorrow with my students, instead of dreading it because things could have been negative today.

Merry Christmas.

Until Tuesday, my friends!!



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