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Planting Bulbs – Transfer Tomorrow

So I’ve had a bit of trouble with my landscaping.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the landscaping company, and I’m not blaming myself either.  However, since May, I’ve had them come to our home three separate times to either 1) initially landscape the front of the house or 2) fix the landscaping due to previous errors.  Sometimes things just don’t line up perfectly the first time, and it takes a couple extra attempts.

In August, I looked through a gardening catalog (with the help of my seasoned gardener/father) and ordered over 200 bulbs to plant for next Spring.  Perhaps that was a bit overboard, but I told my Dad I wanted LOTS of flowers to line the entire front of our house, so that was what he suggested.  The bulbs arrived in September, and I was anxious and excited to get them in the ground.  I tore open the bags of bulbs and laid them all out where I wanted to plant them, carefully placing each bulb 3-6 inches apart from the next closest one, and organizing what would be a combination of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and crocuses into just the most perfect of spots.  After I was finally happy, I got my spade and began to dig the first of many, many holes.

Laying out over 200 bulbs for the Spring
Laying out over 200 bulbs for the Spring

Well, due to a second landscaping error (the first one isn’t important for this story), I was unable to do so.  You see, you need to plant these bulbs 6 inches deep into the dirt, and the landscapers had only brought 3 inches of compost top soil for our flower beds.  Below?  Rocks and clay.  (Not substances that make the planting and future growth of bulbs probable).  I was disappointed.  So much work, so much money, so much time, the previous error… it just wasn’t looking like I was going to be a “real Patzke” in the Spring with flowers lining the front of my house.  I internalized the failure as my own at first, but quickly moved on to remedy the situation by contacting the company.  They were eager to help and fix this second error as soon as they possibly could.  Finally, last week, our landscaping was finally complete.  Additional topsoil added (10 inches this time!) and beautifully done.

With the rain last week, and my egg retrieval Monday of this week, getting those bulbs into the ground was weighing heavily on my mind.  (I mean, I have nothing else to be thinking about right now, right?).  But with my extra time off from school this afternoon (Thank you P/T Conferences!) and Joe’s help once home, we were able to finish getting all 200 bulbs in before dark.

Perhaps not the most beautiful photo (yes that is dirt on my face) but a proud moment of near completion!

As I was out digging in the dirt all afternoon, I could not help but think of the similarities between tomorrow’s transfer and the bulbs I was putting into the ground.  Both situations were a journey, including time, money, frustration, and unexpected surprises.  Both required additional attention and work be put in to get to our “end result.”  Is it really the end result?  Not at all.  I don’t have flowers blooming right now, nor do I have a baby in my arms.  But everything is all lined up.  Every hole has been dug, every medication has (nearly) been taken, and now it’s time to plant the seed.

To be fair, tomorrow we are planting two seeds.


I am so anxious for tomorrow’s transfer.  I’m told our procedure will begin at 10:20am (or at least that’s when we need to be at the clinic) and won’t take too long overall.  Outside of today’s phone call telling me what time to come tomorrow, I know very little about what has been happening with our fertilized “embabies.”  But we will find out tomorrow.

How many survived to Day 5 Blasts?  

What are the grades of each individual blast?  

How many blasts will we have left over to freeze for the future?

According to our doctor, each cycle that we transfer two embryos, we have a 33% chance of twins, and a 65% chance of a singleton pregnancy. (Technically, we also have a 1% chance of triplets but I’m not planning on that happening…).   If we were to put only one embryo in, we would have a 45% chance of a singleton pregnancy.  We are going big, or going home, so to speak.  Praying, Praying, Praying.

And Praying some more.

Bulbs and Embryos.  I hope they all grow, and grow strong.  Regardless of the outcome, I have faith that God will be with us along the way no matter what future bumps may come.

Strength for today, and Bright hope from TOMORROW (at 10:20am!)




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