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And we’re off!

It was a crazy week.   I knew I had some sort of bug coming on, but by Sunday night the “bug” felt more like a rhinoceros in terms of size of annoyance.   Bronchitis “In the Worst Way!” By Thursday, I was finally feeling well enough to go back to work, but not before some major IVF updates would ensue.   The timing of all of this is crazy… Hand of God kinda stuff.

I was told last week to anticipate beginning IVF stims around Friday or Saturday (today) based on blood work done the previous week.  They had me order medications to arrive Wednesday just incase things happened a little earlier than anticipated.

Organizing helps hold off the emotions of anxiety.

In typical “Megan” fashion, things did happen earlier.  (I can always count on my body to do things it’s own way!)  So Thursday morning before school I picked up my mom (who so kindly has offered to ride along with me in the car for all these early morning appointments) and headed down to Gurnee for Cycle Day 2 blood work, ultrasound, and stim/injection directions.  (I also paid the biggest bill of my life after this appointment.  Talk about starting my week back to work with a Bang!)

It was so good to go back to work.  Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be sick so you could just stay home and watch TV?  Maybe I was the only weirdo kid that thought that way… but Man oh Pete, I could not wait to feel well enough to go back and see my kiddos!  We had so many cool new toys and projects set for this week and I was missing them all!   Anyway… I’m getting side-tracked.

I went back to work and waited for a call from the clinic.  Once they processed my blood work the plan was that they would call and let me know exactly which of my stims to begin, at which times, and at what dosages.  I got the call to begin that night with one of my medications.

Here’s the Hand of God part.  I mean, I guess I’d prefer to have NOT gotten incredibly sick, but since I did get sick, the timing was perfect.  I wasn’t in need of my voice for a play – Check!  It wasn’t the first week with George (which can obviously be stressful) – Check!   I had not started stims yet (to be fair, this could have been simultaneous, but emotionally and physically going through the needles thing while trying to 1) breath, and 2) be still enough to poke yourself in between coughing fits would not have been easy) – CHECK!

Now, I don’t know how you feel about needles, but they aren’t my favorite thing.  I mean, are “needles” on anyone’s Top Five List?  Especially when you have to personally use one to stick yourself in the tummy.  I am beyond blessed to thus far not lived a life where needles are part of my daily routine.   Now being a few days in to stims, I have a new appreciation and sympathy for all those who need to inject themselves in this way for daily functioning.   I also count myself as blessed because I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic friend (who has recently found success with IVF) come over and not only assist with the technical side of  the medication cartridges, pens, (etc.),  but also be there in general for overall moral support.   I think I recall some laughter about shaking hands, deciding if it was pertinent to look while poking or not; just overall made the mood a lot lighter and my anxieties float away to some other room for a while.  With Joe at UWM for class that night it was another pretty big “Hand of God” moment in my book.

Getting to be a pro with this guy this week.

So tomorrow we are heading down to Gurnee early once more for a monitoring appointment.  I guess these appointments will happen every 2-3 days or so now, and depending on what they find, medications will either be added, subtracted, or adjusted to insure everything is as it should be for “Retrieval Day.”  As much as I’m not super excited about getting up early for a weekend appointment, it’s nice to know we can go get breakfast once we are done at the clinic instead of having to run back to Racine right away for work.  Just means I’ll have more time with my Georgie in the mornings next week.   And that’s a blessing.

The journey continues.

Things are moving.

Prayers gratefully accepted.


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