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A Heart Full of Love

My heart is full, and my mind is free.  Which is surprising given that tomorrow is IVF appointment day #2.

I knew getting a dog, our very own little member of the family, would be an emotionally positive choice for me given all of the events of the last year…

But I didn’t know how IMMENSE of an impact our little guy would make.

Picking up George was an exciting experience.  We got to Dutch Acres, met with Scott, the breeder, and proceeded to meet Lucy (mom), Duke (dad), and one of their males from a previous litter.  Scott told us to rub the blanket we brought all over Lucy to gather her scent for the car ride home/the crate.  Good idea, right?

Finally (okay it was probably three minutes later… but it felt like ages!) one of the boys working that day brought out the three male pups from which we would pick our George.   They were much smaller than I thought they would be, which just made them all the more cute.  All three were very similar in size, but George was a slightly darker red, a bit leaner, and had the biggest paws.  The decision was not a hard one.  When George hopped out of the big clear plastic tub that contained all three of the puppies he did one of those cute little “puppy hops” and I knew he was the one.  I couldn’t wait to take him home.

The car ride was a cinch.  No accidents and very little squirming.  But I was so nervous.  Like, so nervous I didn’t even call or text my mom the entire time (which is VERY unlike me) and she thought we were dead.  (Seriously… so sorry, Mom! Still!) We got George home, and since then he’s been nothing but “love” ever since.  That seems like a strange sentence to write, “…nothing but love…,” but it’s the best wording for the feelings.  He loves on us pretty hard.  We love him to death.  He is pure, like love.  And I thank God for his presence in our lives.

Additionally, he is really relatively “easy” as far as puppies go.  We have had one little wee on the floor (like literally one minute before I sat down to write this blog… way to go George!  I totally was going to write that you were already potty trained… Ugh!) and that’s been it.  He comes when called, retrieves a football out in the backyard, and loves to cuddle with us on the couch.  Joe made the comment to me on Sunday night, “It’s really funny how George just feels like part of our lives.  And not a new part.  But a part that’s always been there.”  It’s true.

Tomorrow I go back to the clinic for my hysteroscopy.  And you know what?  Aside from knowing what I need to do (which is drink 32 oz of water and hold it for AN ENTIRE HOUR before the procedure, YEESH!) I know very little about it.  ME!  I haven’t researched, or sat on Google, or the IVF forums pouring over what to expect or other’s experiences.  Because I have George.  And he is love.  I have barely thought about tomorrow.  Before I picked up George?  I thought about it at least every 10 minutes, and would even wake up in the middle of the night thinking everything.

With George I haven’t Googled a thing.  I haven’t done anything but smile.  My heart is full of love.

Will it stay this way?  No.  George is not a baby.  I mean, he is my baby right now, but he is not a child.  And I know this.  But he certainly is a gift from God just the same. He is love.  And he is ours.

Now how about some puppy pictures?

Our Georgie likes to eat.  Especially greek yogurt, (gross!)












22281381_10209363316352045_1079850998_o (1)
My little pumpkin… in a pumpkin.

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