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36 Hours Later – Egg Retrieval

It's been a busy 36 hours (almost to a T!) We got up early Monday morning (after a solid 45 minutes of Georgie time... I'm talking super early) and drove down to Gurnee for the day's events.  My anxieties about flat tires or car accidents on the interstate were calmed as we pulled in 20… Continue reading 36 Hours Later – Egg Retrieval

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Reformation Monday – Egg Retrieval

A Mighty Fortress is Our God!  Tuesday is a big day for Lutherans around the world as it is the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  (On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the church doors in Wittenberg, Germany.  This later started a reformation from the Catholic Church and led to Lutheranism… Continue reading Reformation Monday – Egg Retrieval

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Stim Update

It's been an interesting eight days.   Overall I'd say successful.  But certainly not comfortable. As previously blogged, the first several days of stims were characterized by general anxiety due to needles and dosages. Can I emotionally/physically stick myself in the stomach? Did I load the right amount of medication? Did I get all the air… Continue reading Stim Update

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An Argument for IVF: “Why IVF is Morally Right”

Boom.  Look at that title. “Why IVF is Morally Right.”  It may not be grammatically correct or poetic, but it now exists in the cyber world.  So once again I shall say, BOOM!! ***PSA: This blog post is not meant to start a heated conversation about what is right and what is wrong. *** When… Continue reading An Argument for IVF: “Why IVF is Morally Right”

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Happy for You, Sad for Me

You know what's really hard?  Dealing with infertility.  And miscarriage. You know what else is really hard?  Dealing with infertility/miscarriage while others around you become, announce, or just in general ARE pregnant. For me, the "hard" is due to many reasons.   Of course the obvious: jealousy.  "Why is she pregnant and not me?"  "I've been trying… Continue reading Happy for You, Sad for Me