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The Consult

Consult with Dr. S was yesterday, and it overall went very well.

When we first got to the clinic, we were greeted by the friendly staff, had our pictures taken for their records (why didn’t I do my hair yesterday!?), and sat down to wait for part one of the consult appointment – the ultrasound.  It took about five minutes before our ultrasound tech came to gather us to the patient room.  This ultrasound was to measure two things:  #1 uterine lining  #2: antral follicle count.

This test was awkward.  It took FOREVER.  And unlike other ultrasounds I’ve had done, this tech did not show me the screen or have a second monitor for me to see what she could see.  (Being the Type A Nutcase that I am, I have researched QUITE a bit on uterine/ovarian ultrasounds, as well as had MANY by this point, so I know what a lot of those black and white blobby images indicate by now.)

Anyway, we were told by the tech that she had gotten all the information that she needed so we could go back to the waiting room until Dr. S. was ready for us.   And like clockwork, we were called back within minutes.  (I just really love when things are on time!  Brownie points here for sure).

I really enjoyed this Doc.  He was personable while still being a very straight shooter.  He had nearly memorized our entire chart, and he and Joe seemed to really hit it off.  (Was that on purpose?  I mean… it’s usually the girl dragging the guy into these situations so I’m sure he knows what he is doing in terms of “bonding with the male counter part.”)

Our antral follicle count as a result of the ultrasound just minutes before was good.  Like REALLY good.  (Specific science aside, let’s just say there are four categories of women based on this count, and I was in the top category.  SCORE!).  Additionally, my age (28-30) is the age group that has the highest success rates for IVF.  DOUBLE SCORE!  Uterine Lining… not so good (4.75mm on CD13 for the fertility nerds out there).  But that’s pretty typical for me, and he didn’t seem phased at all.  So I’ll let that go.

Basically, the following statistics were given to us as a result of the above “scores:”

IVF w/ 1 embryo

 – 45% successful LIVE BIRTH

   – 1% successful LIVE BIRTH of identical twins

IVF w/ 2 embryos

 – 65% successful LIVE BIRTH of ONE baby

 – 33% successful LIVE BIRTH of TWO babies

         – 2% successful LIVE BIRTH of THREE (1 fraternal, 2 identical)

IVF w/ 1 embryo & PGS Testing

– 65% successful LIVE BIRTH of ONE baby

    – 1% successful LIVE BIRTH of identical twins

*apparently IVF increases the chance of identical twins slightly compared to “normal” baby-making.  Who knew?  Still really really low odds though….

** I’ll go into PGS testing another time… that’s a whole can of worms my brain can’t think about at the moment.  But it’s certainly worth noting.

So what now?  Well…. we are going for it!  I’m set for my Hystroscopy on October 4th, which will tell the clinic something I don’t understand quite yet… but will also tell us (and technically the clinic) if we can qualify for the refund program based on my uterine lining on that day (it needs to be at least 8mm).  We have our eyes set on the “Shared Risk Plan” which would include 3 fresh IVF cycles and as many FET (frozen embryo transfers) as we have additional frozen embryos remaining to use.  That’s like potentially a year’s worth of IVF cycles if things go moderately well.  If we don’t have a baby after going through all of that, we get 80% of our money back.

October 4th is exactly two weeks from today.  Oh the irony.  I yet again am living my life in two week increments.  I have two weeks to drink my POM, try and eat as healthy as possible, and get ready to hopefully make the “Shared Risk/Refund Plan.”  Will we continue with IVF even if we don’t?  You bet.  But it would be nice if something went our way for once along this path.

I’m hopeful.  I’m happy.  I’m stressed…. but in a more “peacefully stressed” manner.  Is that a thing?  Well if not, it is now.   Overall, I’m trusting.

I’m holding my confirmation verse close to my heart tonight.  Psalm 27:1 states:

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I’m not afraid of anyone.  In my mind that last part is more of a, “of what shall I be afraid?”

I peacefully feel the Lord’s presence around me as tonight I type the answer:   Nothing




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