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Opening Weekend

In case anyone was unaware, this weekend is opening weekend of the farce, Boeing Boeing, at the Racine Theatre Guild.   I am so thankful to our amazing director for allowing me the opportunity to play Gloria Hawkins, the New York TWA flight attendant in the show; and to the cast for all their hard work, laughter, and fun, especially over the past 6 days.

Opening weekend is always an exciting time.  All the work put in finally comes to fruition.  This show, in particular, has required a considerable amount of time and energy, with it’s many timing elements, quick changes, “wordiness” of the lines… etc. (For those not accustomed to theatre… here’s what our “tech/hell” week looked like:  We began on Sunday with a rehearsal that began at 2:00pm and went until at least 10:00pm. Monday and Tuesday were 4:30pm-10:30pm, Wednesday was 5:15pm to 10:30pm, Thursday’s Preview Performance had most of us arriving at 5:00pm.)

Getting ready for notes during tech week

It was a LOT of work.  A LOT of time.  But we got to Preview, and Opening Night.  And while it was still, a LOT of work and concentration, it was FUN.


I also assume most of you reading this post are aware of our infertility story.  In my latest post, I wrote about how we were changing gears, and anticipating our first IVF consult in early October with Dr. Sherbahn.  Well, this week things sped up a bit.  I got a call from the clinic asking if we wanted an earlier appointment due to a cancelation.  For next week Tuesday.  Needless to say, we accepted.

Everyone that goes through infertility treatments views the process differently.  For me, the waiting (and especially doing nothing while waiting) is the worst part.  There were about two hours of “I’m happy and content” that we have an entire month to just be “off” and not worry about anything until our October 3rd IVF consult.  But then that worry always finds it’s way back in.

Megan, your birthday is coming up.  You will be 29 in November and not only NOT a mom, but still not even pregnant.  You should have been 29 with a 5 month old by your birthday.  IVF doesn’t always work right away (or at all) you will probably be 30 or 31 by the time you finally have a baby.  Maybe even older.  What if we need to move out of state before then (different story for another time).  You wanted three kids, but if it takes this long to have one you are going to be in trouble…

For me, the “waiting” is my own personal “tech/hell week”  (that sadly often lasts much longer than a week).

I’m not sure “excited” is the right word to describe how I feel about Tuesday.  Maybe “anxious and excited” would be better term.  Through conversations with friends who have been to Dr. Sherbahn, I know the day will begin with a thorough ultrasound, followed by an hour consultation with the doc.  I’m told he will go over our records (which I have previously sent him) as well as the results from that day’s ultrasound in order to determine personalized success rates for us as a couple.  We will likely talk about different payment options and plans (it’s like buying a car or house, I tell ya!), and finally the timeline of events.

Or maybe it won’t be anything like that.  Who knows?

I feel blessed to be in Boeing Boeing, and additionally feel it was all part of God’s plan for my own sanity right now.   While I am 100% committed to my job, getting my lines and blocking down, (etc.) I just can never shake the “baby” (or lack there of) thoughts from my head.  I know this IVF thing is going to be a rollercoaster ride, but I am ready with my seatbelt buckled.  In the meantime, I am enjoying being a part of something hilariously funny with some truly talented, kind, and all around fantastic people.

Goofing around backstage with castmates


Two more shows this weekend.  One day of work, and then it’s Tuesday.



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