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The Shady 80

I don’t have the emotional endurance or the mental strength to write something novel today.  At least not as of right now, as I sit down to type the facts and feelings of the day.

I feel like I am sitting in my own personal “shade.”  Not the shade of a tree, or building.  A shade of sadness.  But for some reason, there is comfort in this shade.  I’m not sure why. Have I cried today?


Several times.

But I’ve also been able to talk to my mom.  My husband.  And an amazing friend with incite as to exactly what I am feeling and going through.  Exactly.  How blessed am I?

Sin in the world is the reason for this pain.  God did not cause our miscarriage, nor did he “not allow” for us to make a baby this time.  That was sin.

But God blessed me today by surrounding me (whether in person or over the phone) with everyone I needed.

For now I rest in the shade.  Think for a while.  Perhaps change plans.

Shade for today, but bright hope for tomorrow.



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